Whistler Pride 2018 in the News

The following are some curated articles of Whistler Pride 2018 in the news. The 26th annual gay ski and pride festival takes place January 21-28, 2018 at the award winning mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb, Canada.

boiMag Life + Style Magazine in Chicago looking at Whistler Pride Jan. 21-28, 2018


boiMagazine – Chicago's premier Life + Style magazine November issue gives their readers some great travel tips and insight to all things winter including an article on #WhistlerPride2018

The award winning resort of Whistler Blackcomb is all set to host the 26th annual Whistler Pride and Ski Festival January 21-28, 2018. Whistler Pride is one of the largest in the world and biggest in Canada attracting men and women from 26+ countries for the weeklong celebrations on and off the slopes. The festival has four key elements that include: Sports, Culinary, Health & Wellness, and Entertainment.

Every day Whistler Pride assembles a gaygal of experienced skiers and snowboards ready to take the snomosexuals out on the slopes of Whistler and Blackcomb. The Whistler Pride ski/snowboard guides expertly place the pride guests into similar skiing/riding abilities so everyone can enjoy the awesomeness of the 8,176 acres this skier's paradise has to offer (It is North America's biggest ski resort so it can be a wee bit intimidating on where to ski). There is no other ski guide program like it on the planet and is one of the key events that truly sets this gay ski week apart from all others.

Other sporting events at Whistler Pride include a daring slide on the world's fastest track, the Whistler Sliding Centre, where you have the opportunity to try your skills at skeleton or bobsled and imagine yourself at the Winter Olympics! A fan favourite is whipping through the forest on a zipline where you can chase your friend on parallel lines with SuperFly Ziplines. Whistler Pride also offers snowmobile tours, dog sledding, Nordic Skiing and snowshoeing…

Your guide to the best gay skiing celebrations from California to Canada

Dallas News by Louise Hudson

Attended by over 3,000 people from 26 nations, Whistler Pride and Ski Festival is the biggest LGBTQ piste-party in Canada and second largest in North America. As well as skiing and riding, the award-winning event involves a menu of festivities, notably Snowball26, a “mega dance party,” says CEO Dean Nelson.  First to host a downhill pride parade, Whistler Pride has become noted for its Night of Comedy, starring comedians such as Margaret Cho, Bianca Del Rio and Pam Ann. »continue to read

Snow Magazine Nov17 Title


Out and proud on the slopes for Whistler Pride and Ski Festival by Lori Knowles

Gay Whistler is amused. Catcall and wolf whistlers pierce the air as onstage, Australia's promiscuous Pam Ann – star of Whistler Pride's Night of Comedy – is bitchy and wickedly crude. Bawdy jokes about drag queens and the actual Queen are as raunchy as you'd expect from a performer with comic shticks such as Cockpit and Plane Filthy. The lewder the joke the louder the crowd.

It's a cold yet steamy January night inside Whistler Conference Centre. The Canadian ski town's annual Pride festival is mid-flight and attendees – nearly 3.000 of skiing's LGBT community – are up for a night. Seated in the front row, Whistler's female mayor is tittering shamelessly. Draped in shimmering drag, The Unstoppable Conni Smudge is snorting with glee and the mouths of straight women in the audience are dropping open in shock as Pam Ann mimes »continue to read

Attitude – January 2018 “Just the Ticket”

UK Attitude Gay Men's Lifestyle Magazine with Whistler Pride ArticleMarkus Bidaux of UK's Attitude Gay Men's Lifestyle magazine reviews some of the planet's annual Gay Ski Weeks including the 26th annual Whistler Pride and Ski Festival.

Snomosexuals worldwide party at the Whistler Pride and Ski Festival in Canada’s Coast Mountains. An annual snowfall of 33 feet leaves plenty of the white stuff along North America’s longest ski runs, which are also home to inner tube sliding, dog sledding and snowmobiling, while Whistler Village hosts aprèsski socials and parties for the bear, lesbian and circuit boy crowds. The festival is part of the area’s Pride celebrations, so you’ll get an even warmer welcome than Canada is famous for.

Also inside the January issue is a special feature on Canada's Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau. Pick up your copy on newsstands or online today.