Pride House Vancouver teams up with Peau de Loup with Unity Scarf at the FIFA Women's World Cup

June 8, 2015 – (Vancouver, BC) Pride House Vancouver has partnered with Peau De Loup in promoting the pavilion’s official preferred clothing line and Unity Scarf that will help commemorate the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and Team Canada. “Unity Scarf” designed by Peau De Loup with Vancouver Coast Salish Artist Debra Sparrow with its unique unity Salish design and reversible bold “Canada” mark, make this scarf very fashion forward.

Peau de Loup Unity Scarf at the FIFA Women's World CupDebra Sparrow is a self-taught artist in Salish design. She is known for her work on the logo for the Canadian women’s and men’s hockey team for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, BC. Debra shares with excitement, “I am honoured to share these intricate designs with Peau de Loup for the National Women’s team so that the world has a opportunity to see the relationship between all the people in Canada… I hold my hands up to all Women Athletes who have come to compete at the world level… Welcome!”

Pau De Loup is known for it’s give back program mainly towards women in Bangladesh through an initiative called The Freedom Factory, which work directly to support a vocational centre for women and girls with education, meal and social programs. The purpose is not only to provide a world class education but a safe, socially responsible environment that can lead to an employment opportunity, but to also give them opportunities in life that most women in the region do not get.

Pride House Vancouver will be an official outlet for the Unity Scarf June 26 through to July 5th at XYYVR, 1216 Bute Street, Vancouver (in the heart of Davie Village). You can also order online at

Team Canada’s goal keeper, Erin McLeod is a proud brand ambassador to Peau de Loup.