Whistler Pride and Ski Festival is Making News

Sashaying her way into the 23rd annual Gay Ski Week the annual event is making news

Thought this would be a fun page where we could assemble various news stories we are finding on Twitter and other social media outlets and perhaps provide some of our own comentary along the way.

We are very fortunate to have really great editorial coverage from so many writers from around the world and want to find a way where we could collect those stories and re-share in case you missed it the first time around.

This is a great story, we did not share it when it first came out as the writer like many at the begining when news broke that we were creating a Pride House at the 2010 Olympic games assumed it was a gay hotel of some sort. It took us hundreds if not thousands of interviews to educate the reporters that a “House” in terms of the Olympics, is actually a hospitality suite and not meant for actual housing… though I am sure there have been a few that may have passed out at Heineken House!