Health + Wellness at Whistler Pride and Ski Festival:

Whistler embraces the Big Mountain Experience which means we like to work hard and play harder.  Whistler has some of the best available sports and wellness centers in Canada, so if you are looking for a Yoga class, physio, chiro, or massage to just being pampered at one of the many beautiful day spas we are ready! We take Health + Wellness at Whistler Pride and Ski Festival seriously.

Scandinave Spa Whistler

Experience hydrotherapy, at our spectacular 20 000 sq ft Whistler outdoor spa. Invigorate and cleanse your body and mind in the hot baths and refreshing waterfalls, melt away with a relaxing massage, and breathe in the invigorating country air.

8010 Mons Road, Whistler, BC | 604.935.2424 |

West Coast Float


Quiet your mind and heal your body simply by floating in 650 pounds of Epsom Salt using float pods or sensory deprivation tanks. Modern research has thoroughly documented how chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system by routine daily activities is the hallmark of the modern stress epidemic. Floating screens out external stimuli, creating a pure state of sensory relaxation. With these unique conditions, your body has the chance to restore its natural powers of self-regulation, while you simply lie back and rediscover the solace of a deeply relaxed mind. Benefits include: deep lasting relaxation, speeds athletic recovery, relives stress & anxiety, alleviates concussion symptoms, assists with chronic pain, deepens meditation, enhances creativity, enables restful sleep, induces theta-state. Next time in Whistler, try the West Coast Float for yourself!

7-4433 Sundial Place, Whistler | 604.962.3299 |