About Dean Nelson

Dean Nelson is the CEO, Executive Producer of GayWhistler.com + the annual Whistler Pride and Ski Festival. Dean is also the founder of the Pride House movement with the opening of the first Pride House at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver/Whistler. Dean is an LGBT activist and social media contributor. He is also a travel writer. You can follow him on most channels at @gayWhistler

Micky Friedmann

Micky Friedmann is not only talented, but his ear for sounds and how they mesh recalls the old school DJing of Larry Levan or Little Louis Vega. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also drop-dead gorgeous and, in a business full of (unearned) diva attitude, a genuinely nice guy. It’s a combination that guarantees success, […]

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Awards and Rankings 2017

Awards and Rankings 2017
WHISTLER, BC November 8, 2016 – With the anticipation of opening day and the descending snowline weighing heavily on skiers and snowboarders near and far, Whistler Blackcomb is proud to celebrate numerous awards and accolades for the 2016.17 winter season including being named the No. 1 Overall Resort by SKI Magazine […]

Outslopes Travel

OUTSLOPES an official travel partner of Whistler Pride and Ski Festival

OUTSLOPES is a membership based LGBT ski & snowboard lifestyle company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Together along with a network of local member clubs from various cities across Canada and the US they offer weekly day trips to many local ski hills as well as […]

Whistler Pride Love

Whistler Pride Love
As we count down to our big celebration of 25 years of Whistler Pride, we are looking for some stories we can share as we reflect on how Whistler’s annual Gay Ski Week has shaped and changed lives.

Whistler Pride began in 1992 out of the love and passion of being our authentic […]

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White Party

Whistler Pride and Ski Festival is a proud promotional partner of The White Party™ Miami, FL


White Party Week in association with URGE Miami is proud to announce that America’s got Talent finalist BRIAN JUSTIN CRUM will
headline the 32nd Annual White Party, being held under the stars on 12th Street Beach on Saturday, November 26th from […]

Love Snow

Love Snow – La Niña & Ullr may just bring a very early opening to Whistler Blackcomb

The official Opening Day for Whistler Blackcomb is scheduled for November 24, but if Mother Nature continues to deliver there could be the possibility open earlier. We also know that historically the snow team at WB will be […]

Jantober at Whistler

La Niña and Ullr are off to a fantastic love affair in Jantober
Massive Pacific storm transforms Whistler Blackcomb into a Winter Wonderland
It is hard to believe but this October at Whistler Blackcomb is looking more like snow conditions we would normally expect to see in January. It may come as no big surprise with […]

Open Relationship with Epic Pass

Whistler changes relationship status to Open – Epic Pass okay to now Ski Around
Whistler Blackcomb Resort is Now Epic for the 2016-17 Winter Season
It is official, Whistler Blackcomb is now part of the Vail Mountain Resorts family. Pass holders have the ability to ski between resorts and not feel bad about cheating on their […]

29th Annual Ski Magazine

29th Annual SKI Magazine Resort Survey Places Whistler Blackcomb Back On The Podium

WHISTLER, BC September 23, 2016 – For the third consecutive year, the SKI Magazine 29th annual Resort Survey has named Whistler Blackcomb as the No. 1 Overall Ski […]

Whistler is Getting a Splash of Colour

Whistler is Getting a Splash of Colour
To help mark the silver anniversary of diversity in the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) a proposal from the Whistler Pride and Ski Festival organizers to the Mayor and council of painting a permanent Rainbow Crosswalk in Whistler has been unanimously approved.

“We are so excited, Whistler is getting […]

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